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Investor Strategy: 2022 Outlook – The Long Road Back to the New Normal

The end of 2021 nears, and it was clearly a win for investors. Although the pandemic retains its grip on humanity, economies, companies, and behaviours have adapted relatively well, in aggregate. 2022 looks like it will be a more challenging year, as some trends are poised to change, which adds uncertainty. But, there is good news too, as the global economy appears to be expanding with solid momentum.

Weekly Insights: Alts get a B+ this bear

Everyone likes the sound of something that is unique or even exotic. Would you rather own a fund that invests in equities or one that invests in equities with a call option writing overlay strategy to enhance the yield? Marketers know the second option sounds more appealing and rarely will they mention there is a trade-off as some market environments favour the first option.

Weekly Insights: Behavioural Mistakes Abound

Behavioural finance has gained a considerable amount of popularity over the past few years as it pertains to investing. Among other things, it highlights how humans appear to be hardwired to make certain systematic mistakes despite our best efforts.