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Does the 60/40 Portfolio Theory Still Hold Value Today?

Portfolio diversification has always been a major key to investing success. This is exactly why the 60/40 portfolio theory has become so popular over the past 50+ years. But with interest rates remaining near zero, and a broader range of investable assets available than ever before, is it time to rethink this long-held portfolio management strategy?

Considerations when Appointing an Executor

Executors are the managers of estates: they administer the last will and distribute assets to beneficiaries and other specified parties in the will. An executor has responsibility with significant potential for moral hazard and a large influence on the velocity and amount of capital that is preserved within an estate; hence, it is paramount to elect a trusted and appropriate executor for your will and estate. To be an executor is to assume a legal responsibility that can be called upon at any time.

Alternative Investments You Should Consider

With the number of economic and public health uncertainties worldwide, it’s important to diversify away from systematic risks that materialize when you invest in a limited number of asset classes. Alternative investments are financial options that don’t fall into the conventional silos of stock, cash, or fixed income markets — they often provide market uncorrelated income and yield in times of uncertainty. This article is the first in a series from Echelon on non-traditional alternative investments for Canadian High Net Worth investors. Here, we cover investments in private equity, private debt, and real assets.

The Why Not Now Campaign

Echelon Wealth Partners’ Why Not Now? campaign has undertaken a unique challenge. The campaign is based on three years of research and discussions and encourages Canadian women to begin investing and to advocate for knowledge of, and participation in a stable financial future for themselves.