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MAY 2021 Investor Strategy: Time for real assets?

The ‘Biden Bust’ that Trump warned us about has turned into the ‘Biden Boom’. April 28th marked President Biden’s 100th day in
office. In that time, the S&P 500 is up 8.6%. That mark’s the strongest market performance during a new president’s first 100 days
since JFK in 1961. Higher taxes you say? The markets do not seem to care.

Weekly Insights: Market’s mood and flow

Sometimes we can get a little overboard with our use of market personification. Though abstract and ethereal, the market can be thought of as a projection of human emotion, though it is obviously incapable of human behaviour. Keeping a pulse on the market’s mood is a rather elusive, but important part of understanding market risk or opportunity especially when it is at extreme levels.

Weekly Insights: Bull market year 2 or 12?

The market moves in cycles with the two key phases being a bull market (good times) and a bear market (bad times). Determining at which point a bull market begins or ends is never evident at the key turning points. It sometimes takes many quarters or even years before all are convinced ‘that was the bottom’ or ‘that was the top’. Which brings us to the big question of this Ethos: did a new bull market start in late March of 2020 or are we in the same bull market cycle that started way back in March of 2009?

Weekly Insights: Path to normal

Over the past number of years there has been a deluge of new data sources. Investors no longer have to wait for company earnings or government statistics to get a sense as to what the economy is doing. This higher frequency data can help in providing an  informational edge and generating portfolio insights. Whether or not that edge is still there when it’s become available to your average Joe with a Bloomberg, is another story. Regardless, we do find it useful to help track economic activity, identify trends and pattern and gauge market dislocations.

APRIL 2021 Investor Strategy: Another great quarter to be an investor

For the first half of the quarter, market participants facilitated a run of risk-on activity. The final month, however, was characterized by a pumping of the brakes on high-flying names. While the majority of markets still performed well, there has undoubtedly been a
continued divergence in equities between growth & value – more on that later.

Weekly Insights: Value continues its comeback

Perhaps one of the more pressing questions for asset allocators and portfolio managers is whether or not the recent resurgence in value stocks is a true turning point or just a blip in the continued dominance of growth. It’s rare to see one style dominate for so long like growth has, with such a huge acceleration in the trend in 2020. Was 2020 a blow off top for Growth vs Value? Or has the market truly changed?

Canadian Entrepreneur Report 2020: Highlighting The Ten Spot’s Founder Kristen Gale

What does it mean to #FeelLikeATen? The Ten Spot thinks everyone deserves to feel like a ten all the time. it’s all about confidence. A confident woman can do anything: nail her work projects, be a domestic goddess, and look fabulous doing it.

Have you read Echelon Wealth Partners’ Canadian Entrepreneur Report 2020? It’s available here. However, if you are just looking for some quick highlights of each of our interviewed leaders and their companies, these short summaries will give you a weekly dose.

Weekly Insights: Bonds Still Work

The market gyrations of holding 100% equity is simply too great for most and combining some bonds reduced the overall
portfolio volatility. This diversification, of adding various asset classes, is at the heart of modern portfolio theory and how most portfolios have been constructed.