Have you read Echelon Wealth Partners’ Canadian Entrepreneur Report 2020? It’s available here. However, if you are just looking for some quick highlights of each of our interviewed leaders and their companies, these short summaries will give you a weekly dose.

In honour of International Women’s Day 2021, we are highlighting our female entrepreneurs for the month of March.

What does it mean to #FeelLikeATen? The Ten Spot thinks everyone deserves to feel like a ten all the time. it’s all about confidence. A confident woman can do anything: nail her work projects, be a domestic goddess, and look fabulous doing it. ~Kristen Gale

COVID’s Impact to Your Business and Family

I was in a different world when the global pandemic was announced – I was on a ski trip in Banff. My team decided to have a call about COVID-19 and they sent around a memo about it. I knew I had to get home! And I knew things were very serious when Trump shut down the border. The TV screens in the airport were showing some pretty scary stuff and I started to worry about our business. I wrote a CEO memo in the airport and called an emergency management team meeting for the next day. When our Ontario franchisees collectively decided to shut down, two days later we made a brand decision and had everyone close. This was before the government mandated it.


As our nail bars started to reopen, we had to figure out how we do virtual training. Luckily the US border closure didn’t have an immediate impact on us because we were able to send out a trainer that has American citizenship. Black Lives Matters was happening at the same time as COVID and we felt strongly that this was also important! We took a good look at ourselves and our policies. We have created a diversity and equity committee that will influence our culture – there is no point in having me alone deciding on these policies. We are looking closely at our marketing and the education we provide to our franchisees… we are working on a six-point plan to spot and prevent harmful behaviour.

Echelon’s Insight Team

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